Portas do Mar foi a “obra de luxo” que transformou Ponta Delgada


Do supermercado onde trabalha, Maria Ponte, 32 anos, tem vista privilegiada sobre o empreendimento Portas do Mar, uma “obra de luxo” que viu crescer aos poucos e que “transformou” a cidade de Ponta Delgada, nos Açores.



Alisha can contribute just with her competitive fire and without even scoring, she can often pick the times when she just decides to take over a game, said York House assistant coach Megan Dalziel. Today she had moments where she was trying to get other people involved and then moments where she just decided it […]

One preview


To great fanfare, successive Scottish transport ministers have been found extolling the benefits of a 50 per cent cut to ferry fares on the west coast. Quite right too. A transport policy that reduces the costs of ferry fares to more affordable levels is admirable. Kid Rock will appear at DTE for shows August 7 […]

Indian instead


It hardly bears mentioning that some 2,000 years ago Rome was the seat of history’s most dominant empire. For over 1,000 years (though this figure varies depending on whom you ask), Rome was not only the center of Italy, but of all of Europe, its power embodied by a line of emperors from Augustus to […]

Music Evolved


A 5km run starting at 9am every Saturday. Run (literally) in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University but anyone can turn up. You can turn up without registering if you’re not bothered about having your result recorded, but if you’d like to see your time, position and age grading, download a barcode from the website before […]



“People lived in smaller houses for thousands of years,” she said. “It’s only been the last 100 years that people have been living in larger houses. And people live in smaller houses in Europe. February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s definitely not short on big ticket events and celebrations across […]

Of course


That’s AmoreThere are some spectacular vantage points that no one should tell the tourists about. Olympic Sculpture Park: for everyone. Above the I 90 tunnel: just for us. DEA records reviewed by The Associated Press show that the amount of seized meth jumped from slightly more than 4,000 pounds in 2007 to more than 16,000 […]



It’s really up to you and me to change things. Stores wouldn’t carry those inferior items if we didn’t buy them. We should be encouraging trade partners like Brazil and push for more accountability from China. “We also feel very strongly that the branding of the system should be a reputable manufacturer such as Rheem […]



NORTH PORT Shoppers streamed into the new Walmart Neighborhood Market Wednesday morning at 1100 S. Main Street, near Sumter and Price boulevards. Although some at the grand opening celebration found themselves dodging steady rain under tents, inside, store employees buzzed up and down the aisles making sure customers were comfortable and able to find everything […]

Summer getaway


One more thought: I think your concern about metal is totally correct except maybe for copper, which, not only happens to be THE best heat exchanger (other than pure silver ; ) but is NOT attacked by acids other than nitric. You can put it in conc. Hydrochloric just fine. 2. Skillet Diner: It was […]

When soundproofing


When soundproofing in the home, one step that can greatly improve the situation is plugging up the crevices that sound burrows through. We’re talking the cracks around baseboards, slits around window seals, you name it. Flexible caulking and weather stripping can seal the deal for these amplifiers. He likes a clean, bright shop with up […]

“Everyone makes mistakes


“Everyone makes mistakes and we acknowledge ours,” said Mr. Tarvin. On Friday, “Neal Florence currently owes $875 in unpaid fines for non filed or late filed campaign disclosures. There are characters of color, even if some have wondered if the show can only handle one black man at a time. There are gay characters though, […]

Some find work on the


Some find work on the side, and some who are rejected drop into the shadow economy. The Migration Agency estimates up to 10,000 asylum seekers per year will choose to disappear from their radar rather than being deported. Around 30,000 to 50,000 undocumented immigrants already work in industries like construction, hotels, transport and restaurants, it […]

Tampa’s first food


Tampa’s first food truck rally still has training wheels: Sturtz capped the number of trucks at 10 to fit on the grounds of the church. A second, larger rally is in the planning stages to accommodate the trucks turned away. In addition to Wicked ‘Wiches and the new Fire Monkey truck, vendors at this first […]

The NFL is a bit


The NFL is a bit defensive about that perception. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy insists that the formula for distributing Super Bowl tickets is fan based. He said about 75 percent of the tickets are doled out directly to the NFL team franchises, at face value prices, for them to divvy up to their fans.. A […]