Hey let’s not leave out bluegill and crappie. Both excellent eating pan fish


Members of the sunfish family, bluegill and crappie tend to be a little bit smaller and kind of more oval than your salmonids like a smelt. Five micrometer thick sections from the eyes and the brain were cut at regular intervals and mounted on chromium gelatin glass slides (0.05 g of potassium chromium(III)sulphate dodecahydrate and 0.5 g of gelatin in 100 mL of distilled water) or Superfrost glass slides (Erie Scientific Co., cheap jerseys
Portsmouth, NH). Some sections were pretreated with heat in citrate buffer (pH 6.0) at 95 for 10 min. The sections were stained with VLCAD, MTP, MCAD, SCHAD, MHBD, or COX I antibodies (diluted 1:400 to 1:1000).

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