they are also being purchased by wholesalers


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Increasingly, however, they are also being purchased by wholesalers, who then sort, label and package them into containers for export to different markets.A large portion of these previously owned clothes ends up in market stalls across Africa according to an Oxfam report, used garments account for over 50% of the clothing sector by volume in many sub Saharan African countries.For customers in Kampala’s bustling markets, however, this is no dumping ground. Instead, these clothes are as desirable as they are affordable.”Yes, the price is right and the clothes are still looking good,” says Brenda, a local shopper.In the beginning, it appears to be a win win situation for everyone involved; Western charities receive much needed revenue, African buyers with weak purchasing power get low priced, well made clothing, and merchants find eager customers for their merchandise.But some experts say that the mass influx of cheap hand me downs from the West could have a much more negative impact.Andrew Brooks, King College”Your t shirt may be quite cheap for someone to buy, but it would be better if that person could buy a locally manufactured t shirt, so the money stays within the economy and that helps generate jobs,” he adds.Big businessAnalysts say textile industries are relatively easy to develop and, as success stories like South Korea showcase, can provide the first step in the ladder towards economic growth. A booming clothing sector is labor intensive, generates national revenues through taxes and, ultimately, can help end dependency on aid.But in Africa, the introduction of trade liberalization policies and the opening of economies in the 1980s and 1990 allowed both second hand and cheap new imports, especially from Asian countries, to enter markets across the continent.This undermined growth opportunities for many local industries and led to the closure of several African clothing factories, say experts..