About us

Welcome to Portas do Mar   The world goes through here!   Portas do Mar is a reference and statement of the Azores in the national and international tourism. A new leisure and diversified market area to serve locals and visitors, providing a pleasant experience in the Atlântic, with the azorean label.   “Portas do Mar” was inaugurated on July 5, 2008 with the purpose of requalifying Ponta Delgada’s seafront by converted it into a space of leisure, comfort and into an attractive location on the island of San Miguel.   Portas do Mar has a maritime terminal for cruisers and inter islands ferries, with a ferryboat rank of docking of 120 meters long and a large cruisers rank of docking with 250 meters long.   Portas do Mar also has a recreational marina with an overall capacity of 440 boats, with its respective support areas (changing rooms, reception, storage, etc..), a pool and its support building, an underground car park for 200 vehicles, a large amphitheatre, a pavilion (Pavilhão do Mar) for exhibitions and cultural events, with about four thousand square feet, as well as a garden along the seaside promenade.   This new development is physically connected to the old marina of Ponta Delgada and its respective services. We highlight the broad range of shops that exist in the commercial galleries, such as the diverse gastronomy restaurants, bars, areas with other services such as a bank agency, Azorean craftsmanship, gift shop, travel agency, rent-a-car, beauty center, pharmacy, cosmetics and fragrance shop, sporting goods, whale watching, and other activities.